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Here at Helix Health we have only one priority and that is health. It is your health, your family’s health and the health of everyone around you. We really do believe that health is number one and has such a major impact of every other aspect of our lives. If our health is poor then chances are we will suffer in our daily lives. Here are some examples:


   Your poor diet and lack of water consumption means that your skin has become dehydrated and therefore spots have developed. Your hair has become brittle and you feel less that fresh. If you do not feel healthy and attractive then you won't carry yourself in the best way possible. You won't start conversations with people, you won't go for that job position that you are more than qualified for and you won't want to socialise with your friends and family.


   If you feel under the weather, perhaps with a cough or a cold then you won't want to take your kids to the park, you won't feel like going into work and you'll probably ignore the cleaning and tidying in the house that needs to be done.



Never ending cycle

The problem with these is that, the more you don't socialise, you ignore the chores, you avoid people and going for better things, your confidence with knock, your personality with slowly become more introvert and your stress levels with rise making you feel even worse than before. 

This correlation between health and our lifestyles is so strong so why are people still letting their health deteriorate? Our team of savvy and innovative researchers has been scouring the net trying to find out the reason as to why we aren't living a healthy life like we should. What they have come back with was conclusive and simple - money. The reason why people aren't living healthy lifestyles is because a healthy lifestyle is so expensive! The price of vitamins, supplements, fruit and veg and fitness classes are so high that people are opting for cheaper and less nutritious food, no exercise and therefore poor health. The bad thing about this is that the worse your health gets the lower your immune system will be and you will have a higher chance of getting sick. If you are already in a money-focused mind then like many other people, you'll more than likely avoid buying medication and instead hope that the sickness will just go away. But with an unhealthy lifestyle this isn't very likely is it?


Here at Helix Health we make health affordable. We work with top brands to bring you the best prices in health care for a range of areas including:

   Beauty products

   General medicine

   Vitamins and supplements



We offer you daily deals, and what’s more those deals are related. We know that if you are interested in beauty products you'll probably want as many as you can get so we have frequent 'BOGOF', 'two for the price of one' and 'half price' deals.


Hear from some of our happy consumers

I was looking for some great beauty products for my girlfriend but everywhere seemed to be so expensive. Helix Health have a load of great quality products for really good prices! My girlfriend loved her presents!
By By Gary Elsom

Helix Health is a really good site for cost effective health care products. I always use them to get my vitamins and medicine. The prices are great and the products are delivered really quickly too! 
By Melissa Brown

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